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Welcome to the heartbreak edition. I've learnt my lesson, I'm sticking with my Brit boys from now on, much more reliable, show must go on fellows. Thanks to the dear friends who helped slap this together.
This week: Ewan's first love still hurts, Jack Davenport's producing plans, Fry leads hunt for most beautiful tweet, John Barrowman writes his own Captain Jack adventure, Orlando Bloom joins Three Musketeers, Basterd Fassbender Will Star In A Single Shot, Henry Cavill tones up and strips off for Immortals, James McAvoy Is Professor X, Dougray Scott Wants To Work With Irvine Welsh, Daniel Craig buys `Bond-style` apartment in New York, Sean Bean 'has a lovely Koi pond', Richard Armitage Offers Hero Appeal In Strike Back, Colin Farrell Joining 'Fright Night' Remake, Matthew Macfadyen is a Musketeer, Michael Sheen's Blair confession, Nicholas Hoult in Kenya for Christian Aid Week, Joseph Fiennes leads Camelot Cast, Sir Patrick boldly wows the Queen, John Nettles to return to our screens, Gary Oldman puts on his Smiley face, Thick of It Bafta triumph, Christopher Eccleston reunited with Jimmy McGovern, James Nesbitt for Soccer Aid, Pierce Brosnan 'confronts Obama in PSA', Chiwetel Ejiofor Joins Steve McQueen's Upcoming Fela Biopic, Ben Barnes & Eliza Dushku Get Locked In, Rupert can't bear himself on film, Hugh Grant auctions World Cup tickets for charity, Pegg testifies over hotel robbery, Gerard Butler Kisses Mystery Blonde, Ashes to Ashes mystery is solved at last, Jude Law and Sienna Miller in club argument )

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Oct. 26th, 2009 06:12 pm


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