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Title: You Make Me Look Legitimate. (On Archive Of Our Own)
Author: [personal profile] lannamichaels
Fandom: Check Please
Pairing: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Rating: G
A/N: This is 100% [personal profile] dira's fault and I have the chat log to prove it. :P The title is from I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory by Kathleen Edwards, which is a wonderful country song about Canadian hockey.

Summary: Eric Bittle gets the call from the national team at 3AM.

2018 Olympics! )

No bueno, Bored Panda

Aug. 16th, 2017 05:19 pm
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Well this is distressing:
Copied from a friend about
"I want to talk to everyone about a website called BoredPanda, many of you share their "articles" that show you 10 cats who prove if they fits they sits or 10 best grilled cheese sandwiches, or whatever. Recently they posted one called 10 before and after photos of trans people or something to that effect. The photos featured in the article were not given to them, but hijacked from private forums on the internet. A close friend of mine gathered together her forces for good and got them to take it down but that's only part of the issue solved. BoredPanda put those people's lives and livelihood at risk to get more clicks without any thought to the risk they were putting those people in (in case you didn't know Trans people are randomly assaulted or threatened regularly just for existing). They didn't get permission from the human beings whose photos were used. Let that sink in. They are currently hiding behind ToS rules of other web sites so they can't be sued directly.
Here is what you should be doing about this;
1. Write to bored panda and demand that in the future they get a signed model release before using photos that may put someone at risk.
2. stop linking their articles
3. stop clicking on their articles.
4. share this sentiment or post in whatever way suits you best."
Confirmed here

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Aug. 13th, 2017 12:11 pm
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Netflix movies Cinema Verite, The Iron Lady )

I just finished the biggest book in the world. “The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings, J.R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams” by Philip Zaleski & Carol Zaleski

A group of Oxford based literary men (no girls allowed! Sorry Dorothy Sayers), pre and post WWII, met once or twice a week to discuss philology, literature, their own wips, etc. And drink and laugh and be amused.

The book talks a lot about their work and Old Norse philology has limited interest for me. I read it more for info about their lives. I didn’t not know for example that Tolkien was a devout Roman Catholic. All the Inklings were Christian and that was something that bound them together.

Everything written about C.S. Lewis’ work disinclines me to read any of it. A convert to Christianity, he became a warrior against its “enemies”, atheists and such like. I was more interested in problematic relationship with his father and the long association Lewis had with a sharp-tongued woman old enough to be his mother.

I learned some things so I guess it was worth reading.

Not a movie but I watched one dvd of an old British spy series Callan (1967). Netflix says it’s the first dvd but from reading around it seems to be the third. When we meet the impossibly young Edward Woodward he’s already had some sort of trauma that had him conditioned by the enemy to kill his handler. But now he’s back and he’s bad.

It’s more like LeCarre than James Bond with a you-never-know-who-to-trust motif. And not much budget for sets. The rest of the dvds will come up eventually on the queue. I’m guessing Callan doesn’t walk away happy at the end.

I had some very old plant seeds for flowers and veggies I decided to plant, just to see. I have some basil reluctantly coming up but the lettuce has given up the ghost, It is ex-lettuce. The onion seeds and radishes are next in.

There was some interest in the recipe for the cake that got me a prize the county fair. It’s not online so I had to type it out.

Book is Tea Breads and Coffeecakes by Elizabeth Alston. I bought it probably for the cute cover.

The judge at the fair suggested there was a bit too much flour and I, too, thought the bread was a bit dry on its own, but perfect with coffee. Read more... )
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File this under "this was gonna bug me if I didn't make a post about it". :P

So, 17776. This thing has a pretty cool premise and some interesting stuff. It's got cool storytelling techniques! It makes really great use of the medium! It's got space probes talking to each other without any lags! It's got suddenly the humans stopped aging! It's got terrible, terrible worldbuilding.

Problem the First: The name of it.

See, the thing is, "1776" is an important/prominent year for Americans. If you then add another 7, to invoke 1776, that's like putting Chekov's gun on the wall. And then the gun never fires. Dude, if you're gone called something that invoking of 1776, you need to do something with it. Otherwise it's an issue. A distracting issue.

Problem The Second: What football will look like.

The "football" makes no sense. And I don't mean in an "this has no relationship to current day American football except for the ball" way. I mean that in a no-human-being-would-ever-do-this way. It boggles the mind. Okay, so let's say football decided games don't have to have an end point. No one would play one football game for eight hundred or twelve thousand years. That is not how things work. That's not how people work. That's not how time works.

Problem The Third: None of this makes any sense.

I don't mean the instantaneous communication across vast distances in space or humans living forever. That suspension of disbelief is the price of admission. No, I mean the humans. Because...

Problem The Fourth: There is no sense of scale.

It is 2017. To belabor the obvious: the year 17776 is very far from now. However, nothing has changed except football. Nothing has changed in 15,000 years. Dude. No.

OK, ok, so technically, there's ~peace love and kittens~ and all that, which we are told about and never shows up as a thing at all. Especially since we're all post-scarcity and everything is awesome, but there are still beleaguered office workers? And general store owners and basically, enough signs that the current economy is still trucking along. Essentially the only difference is that football is now a game with states as end zones.

This would have worked better if this was fifty or a hundred or so years from now. That would be kinda cool. But 15,000 years?

Like, 15,000 years ago, I don't think agriculture was even a thing yet. And yet humanity has stagnated in such a way that nothing has really changed in 15,000 years except the coast looks different because some cities are underwater and we have magic nano robots to fix all injuries and everyone gets along?

"But this is just a clever little thing about how football could mutate?" okay well, then, why does he keep bringing it up and then going "lol no, that's just how it is now, no one knows why" and stuff like that? Why keep bringing it up just to dismiss it as irrelevant? Why does it spend so much time on it and Pioneer 9 asking about it?

There's any number of worldbuilding problems you can handwave off easily by just not pointing the sphere of attention in that direction. That is *not* what is being done here. It's more like "oh hey, I'll keep bringing up how bizarre and unlikely this is, just to dismiss it as a serious issue of inquiry". C'mon already. You put something under a direct spotlight and then decided to keep pointing at it and never doing anything about it. If you aren't going to explore this stuff or answer any questions, stop being a jerk about it. Going "oooh, oooh, oooh, I got a secret and I'm not telling" is probably fine for getting clicks, but it does nothing good to your story.

I mean, ffs, you don't just get to briefly sum up major accomplishments and then shrug it off with "you don't see any of those things because people didn't want them. If they advanced too much further technologically, those advances would inevitably intrude on their humanity. People wanted to walk. They wanted to take the bus that smelled like cigarettes. They wanted those precious three minutes between asking a question and knowing the answer.". (also, a minor rage that that's in an image and not text). Again, we are talking about 15,000 years. Where is your sense of scale??? Where is your basic sense of what humans are like???

(also, the idea that we've reached the ~~peak of human achievement that humans actually want to achieve~~ right now is fucking goddamn bullshit that I'm not even going to engage with. Like, the idea that we'll just press freeze on how things are now for middle class America and somehow somethingsomethingworldpeace somethingsomethingpostscarcity and not change a thing and just sit around and watch football all the time? For 15,000 years? This is such bullshit, I can't even begin.)

Like, the only way this makes any sense at all is if Pioneer 10 and JUICE are unreliable narrators and are making this entire thing up to troll Pioneer 9, except that is specifically addressed in the final chapter and denied. But I guess the question is, can we trust an unreliable narrator to admit to being unreliable? Because then there's also the title of the piece to take into account. It's just, it's such a massive part of the story, Pioneer 9 asking about this all the time. And then, no answers! Or, well, only answers that don't hold up at all. You have this mystery at the heart of it, but then you don't solve the mystery.

It's just, it's really frustrating, considering how cool some of this stuff is. :(

Oh, and also...

Problem The Fifth: Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer

This is just a minor nit, especially since it has happened IRL yet, but I feel like it's safe to assume that JUICE is gonna get thrown into Jupiter or something like that to destroy it? Why didn't they just go with the Voyagers or New Horizons or something like that? What, does the Immortalization Of Humans and somehow the Stagnation Of Human Achievement mean that the JUICE mission doesn't end?

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Aug. 8th, 2017 12:40 pm
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Barbara Cook has passed away. My favorite soprano in my favorite musical.

It's hard to embed things.


Aug. 6th, 2017 08:16 pm
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Bebopping around YT when I should be getting ready for bed. Sunday night bluuuues. I like this channel "Facts" where Irish people try stuff and it's usually funny but they couldn't be funny when watching My 600 Pound Life. I admit to following that show. I feel for those who struggle, root for those who are busting ass to try to fix their lives and get frustrated at the ones that thrive on the drama and sabotage themselves.

Anyway, it must be the first ever YT video where the comments section is a breath of fresh air. Overwhelming support and love and the woman from the show actually commented and is touched! I also found her Instagram page and WOW, she looks so much healthier.

I'm following her on IG now because hey, if she can get herself healthy starting at over 650 pounds, I can do it at a little over 200 (though without gastric surgery in my case - she obviously needed the surgical help)

Equal time for kitties

Aug. 6th, 2017 07:32 pm
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Another sweet video - chef Bobby Flay and his kitty Nacho Flay

Wouldn't have pegged him as a cat dude but you can't always tell!

As far as a me update, still hitting the gym with Emily. Hoping sometime that I'll have less random soreness on and off through the day but doing well otherwise. I must have pretty strong biceps since I had to up the weight pulldown machine to 60 pounds to feel adequate resistance around the 10 count mark. However other muscles need more work and I've been able to identify those (triceps, core, glutes, quads) so I can work on them. I've also done a mile each time I do the treadmill the last few days which is good. Still keeping an eye out for a convenient yoga class to get good stretching in but I should try to fit in some yoga stretches at home. 

I made some strawberry lemon freezer jam today - my first attempt at freezer jam that I can recall. It didn't firm up as much as I'd hoped but the taste is amazing so I won't fret about it being a bit thin. It'll still taste awesome on toast. 

Starting next Sunday I'm doing a vegetarian challenge to focus on the eating again and enjoy fresh summer produce. I'll make a post soon on the LJ Healthystart community if anyone wants to join in. It's vegetarian rather than vegan so eggs and dairy are permitted (though check those cheeses!)

Hope everyone is doing well *huggles*


Aug. 6th, 2017 07:51 pm
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I was threatening to spite-write this, and then tonight my self-restraint failed me and I spite-wrote it :P Because, hey, if 17776!football can share just the game equipment and nothing else with current football, if we got that far in the future and the only thing at all to have changed is football, hey, why the hell not destroy baseball as we know it?

Drabble: After The Boys Of Summer Have Gone. (100 words) by Lanna Michaels
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 17776: What Football Will Look Like in the Future - Jon Bois
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Drabble, Worldbuilding, Baseball

What baseball will look like in the future.

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Aug. 6th, 2017 03:38 pm
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Netflix My Perestroika )

One of the cats and I made a trip to the vet. It took me 20 minutes or so to get him in a carrier. I couldn’t manage to use the small carrier, but instead stuffed him in the bigger cat, well, yurt. Hard to carry and I felt the need to keep explaining why the cat was in it.

He has hyperthyroidism and got some pills. Teeny, tiny ones that have to be cut in half and given every 12 hours. The first time the little scamp managed to eat the soft food around the pill and leave it. How we laughed. And these pills must never be touched by humans, use gloves to maneuver this tiny, tiny pill. Ha. I bought a pill cutter and use tweezers.

Why is Jeremy Renner’s new movie not being shown around here?


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