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It's awards time, and the Brit boys are scooping up the noms and nods. Well done, lads.

Also, Trainspotting! (This list kind of started with that film, and looks like it will just wobble over the finish line with the reprise).

Also, sorry I haven't been posting this in ages, I've been working insane hours and I was hit by a 4WD (not unrelated), so it's been a bit of an unhappy time for me. With any luck I'll get retrenched next month and I'll have a whole lot of time to catch up on the scanning backlog. Yay?

So, yeah, some of these links are a bit stale, but at least I tried?


GLAMOUR's 100 Sexiest Men 2017

Ben Whishaw returns to Almeida in new season

Actor Kevin McKidd reveals he gets squeamish filming medical scenes for Grey’s Anatomy

Jeeves Would Be Proud: Matt Lucas’s Doctor Who Character Is Staying on As a ‘Valet’ Next Season

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency review – Sherlock for the stoner set (Samuel Barnett)

Sam Neill: from heartthrob to vintner

Sherlock creator Mark Gattis on the series: 'It's like bottled lightning'

Jason Isaacs: "The waves beat the living shit out of me and suddenly I was all alone"

Hannibal's Hugh Dancy Is Hungry for Season 4, but Don't Hold Your Breath

Rupert Friend Says Quinn May Not 'Come Back In One Piece' For 'Homeland' Season 6

Toby Stephens Teases ‘Lost in Space’ Reboot for a “Modern Audience”

Jamie Bell Shares Pic of 'La La Land' Quote in the Sky

Doctor Who's Jon Pertwee is honoured with a blue plaque

Poldark: Original star Robin Ellis on his topless moment after THAT Aidan Turner scene

'Walking Dead' Star Andrew Lincoln: Season 7 Is More 'Lord of the Rings' Than 'Lord of the Flies'

Doctor Who's Patrick Troughton defeated Daleks and Cybermen - but watching son David on stage made him "too nervous"

Tutankhamun's Max Irons shares his first impressions of co-star Sam Neill

Luke Treadaway and Imogen Poots cast in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Cillian Murphy: Hollywood's Nice Guy

Douglas Booth: After eight years, the time is right for my West End debut

Paul Bettany to Play the ‘Unabomber’ In Discovery Channel Scripted Series

Douglas Henshall: ‘In Plain Sight is an extraordinary tale and a story worth telling’

Sam Claflin Speaks Out Against Getting Photoshop Treatment, Jokes He Has a Dad Bod

Best Dressed Men 2016 Results: Which style-savvy man has topped the list?

Ian McShane on His First Movie Role and Breaking Into the Business

Alexander Armstrong: Music was my love but it felt pointless to try

Richard Armitage’s Voice May Cause You to Swoon

John Boyega Shares Awesome New Pacific Rim Image

Gary Oldman, Simon Le Bon, and More Sang David Bowie Songs at Bowie's 70th Birthday Concert Last Night in Brixton

First look at David Morrissey and Kelly Reilly in epic new historical drama Britannia

Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill is planning to record his debut album

How Peter Davison survived a health scare down on the Sugar Free Farm

Trainspotting 2 Exclusive: Here’s What Sick Boy Has Been Up to Since The Original Film

Netflix Takes 'Medici: Masters of Florence' for U.K., Canada, India (Richard Madden)

David Haig cast alongside Daniel Radcliffe in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Colin Farrell likes his storytelling on the provocative side, as with 'The Lobster'

Rhys Ifans teases Twin Town return as he reveals "juicy Welsh movie" plans for 2017

Nigel Havers, Debbie McGee, Lorraine Chase and Simon Callow in Carry On Barging

Rory Kinnear: ‘All I ever wanted to do was work at the National’

Ken Stott: ‘Actors can’t make a living from theatre anymore. It’s chilling’

Harry Potter actor David Thewlis joins Ewan McGregor in Fargo season 3

Watch Tom Holland Get Hilariously Burned As Spider-Man While Visiting A Children’s Hospital


‘The Young Pope': New Trailer Teases a Power-Hungry Pontiff

Jude Law Has Seen Your Young Pope Memes and He Loves Them

Jude Law Can’t Get Enough of Your Young Pope Memes

Jude Law Flashes Bare Butt In ‘The Young Pope’ & Fans Are Really Happy About It

Jude Law Loves The Young Pope Memes as Much as You Do

Jude Law Was Always the First Choice for 'Young Pope'

Jude Law stars as a disruptive pontiff in HBO's 'Young Pope'

Jude Law Is Aware of Your ‘Young Pope’ Memes

Jude Law Says 'The Young Pope' Outfits Are Like Wearing Six Carpets On Top Of You!'

Jude Law rattles the Vatican in 'The Young Pope'

Jude Law & Mark Wahlberg Hug it Out While Bumping Into Each Other at Lunch!

Jude Law & Phillipa Coan Enjoy Quality Couple Time At ATP World Tour Finals!

The Young Pope trailer: Jude Law rules the papacy with an iron fist

Jude Law Talks 'Fear or Tolerance' in New 'Young Pope' Teaser!

Jude Law receives Sir Ian McKellen Award at Only Make Believe Gala

Jude Law Honored For Activism at Only Make Believe Gala

The Young Pope trailer: Jude Law rules the papacy with an iron fist

Jude Law Talks 'Fear or Tolerance' in New 'Young Pope' Teaser!

Jude Law shines as The Young Pope in Paolo Sorrentino’s intriguing, uncomfortable and amusing drama

Jude Law Keeps Things Cool While Hanging Out in London


Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman reunite after Steven Moffat shuts down final series rumours

Benedict Cumberbatch looks very serious as inventor Thomas Edison – until he starts dancing

Benedict Cumberbatch is looking seriously dapper in first photo from Thomas Edison biopic

Overrated/Underrated: 'Sherlock' stuck around too long

Benedict Cumberbatch will never be replaced on Sherlock: ‘We couldn’t do it without him’

Benedict Cumberbatch 'stays clear' of Sherlock fan theories ahead of new series

Benedict Cumberbatch steers clear of fan theories ahead of Sherlock series 4

Sherlock's future in doubt as stars' Hollywood schedules fill

Researchers find Cumberbatch related to Holmes' creator

Benedict Cumberbatch looks very, very grumpy in new Sherlock pictures

New Sherlock series 4 photos reveal a new arrival and a sinister villain

Sherlock review – Cumberbatch channels Bond in the most explosive outing yet

Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman cast doubt over further series due to ‘frosty friendship’

Benedict Cumberbatch Talks 'Sherlock' Season 4, Working With Babies

Sherlock The Six Thatchers spoiler-free review: from babysitting to Bond-style fight scenes, there's something for everyone

Sherlock season 5: Steven Moffat, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and the BBC on whether show will return

Sherlock S4E1 review: The Six Thatchers delivers greatest shock yet

Sherlock season 4: BBC drops ominous teaser

Sherlock: how the TV phenomenon became an annoying self-parody

Benedict Cumberbatch hints series four of BBC's Sherlock will be the last

Benedict Cumberbatch: Why I keep coming back to play Sherlock

Has Benedict Cumberbatch closed the case on Sherlock?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman had SO much fun at last night's Sherlock screening

Sherlock finale episode title confirmed - and it will be screened in cinemas with "exclusive content"

“Brutal” new Sherlock series “goes to a darker place than we’ve gone before” reveal cast and writers

Thor: Ragnarok: Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed to appear as Doctor Strange

Even Benedict Cumberbatch’s mum didn’t think he was hot enough to play Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch and read out internet troll messages sent to Tina Fey

Sherlock’s series finale has a title – and it’s going to be shown in UK cinemas

Benedict Cumberbatch nearly wasn’t cast as Sherlock for the silliest reason

Sherlock Utters the Elusive L-Word in Latest Season 4 Trailer

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange confirmed to appear in Thor: Ragnarok

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Go Full Creep While Playing Richard III

Sherlock teases new clues of what lies in store for the team ahead of the season four premiere

Benedict Cumberbatch on new series of Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman face a cackling villain in new Sherlock trailer

Benedict Cumberbatch is definitely returning as Doctor Strange for Thor: Ragnorok

'She says I'm much curter with her!' Benedict Cumberbatch reveals his actress mum Vanessa thinks he's morphing into his Sherlock alter-ego

Sherlock is taunted by nemesis Culverton Smith in tense trailer for series four

‘Sherlock’ Season 4 Teaser: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Character Has a Dark Secret

Sherlock Season 4 Trailer Ends With a Romantic Shocker

Sherlock season 4: trailers, release date and what we know

Sherlock series four: Teaser trailer drops clues about Tom Hiddleston, Moriarty and Margaret Thatcher

Cumberbatch gives Sherlock producer Vertue top TV award

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Go Full Creep While Playing Richard III

The return of Sherlock: ‘Being a hero isn’t about being bigger, richer, more powerful'

Sherlock review – Cumberbatch channels Bond in the most explosive outing yet

Sherlock's future in doubt as stars' Hollywood schedules fill

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman return in what may be Sherlock's finale

Sherlock S4E1 review: The Six Thatchers delivers greatest shock yet

When is Sherlock series 4 on TV and everything else you need to know

Sherlock faces his demons in series 4 trailer

Sherlock is left reeling by shocking BABY news in teaser for series four

New Sherlock season four pics hint at Moriarty’s return as happy face graffiti be be seen on the wall

Benedict Cumberbatch jokes about his sexiness on SNL

Benedict Cumberbatch Spoofs Apple's 1984 Commercial In 'SNL' Toilet Ad

Benedict Cumberbatch Hosts SNL: Watch Best and Worst Sketches

Benedict Cumberbatch Tries to Prove His Appeal, Introduces the "Cool Toilet" by Kohler on 'SNL'

Benedict Cumberbatch commentating on Judge Rinder's Strictly Come Dancing jive is sheer perfection

How Benedict Cumberbatch Got In Shape For Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch says Tom Hiddleston ISN'T joining Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch to Host ‘SNL’ for the First Time Ever

‘Doctor Strange’ Star Benedict Cumberbatch on Making His Hero More Vulnerable

Benedict Cumberbatch is a master at saying nothing in the nicest possible way

Benedict Cumberbatch admits he got 'carried away' when commenting on migrant crisis

Doctor Strange premiere: Benedict Cumberbatch in mad dash from fan screening of Marvel blockbuster

Doctor Strange early reviews applaud Benedict Cumberbatch and Marvel

'Doctor Strange': Benedict Cumberbatch plans to work in a comic book store if movie fails

Benedict Cumberbatch 'out of his comfort zone' for superhero role

Here’s what’s going on in Doctor Strange’s two post-credits scenes

Benedict Cumberbatch commentating on Judge Rinder's Strictly Come Dancing jive is sheer perfection

Benedict Cumberbatch reveals the secrets of his transformation from Sherlock to Hamlet to Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch & Rachel McAdams Attend 'Doctor Strange' Fan Event in the UK!

Benedict Cumberbatch Knew Doing 'Doctor Strange' Was A Huge Deal For Him 'Career-Wise'

Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals His Beyoncé Secret

Sherlock series 4 finally has a premiere date so we can start to get excited

Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals Why He Had To Play That Other Doctor Strange Role

Benedict Cumberbatch gushes over his good friend Strictly Come Dancing’s Judge Rinder during appearance on This Morning

Benedict Cumberbatch confirms he is expecting his second child with Sophie Hunter

Benedict Cumberbatch jokes that Strictly's Judge Rinder's marriage may not be 'legitimate'

Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Bryan Cranston hilariously reveal their funniest chat-up lines

Benedict Cumberbatch On Wife Sophie Hunter's Pregnancy: 'It's A Joyous Thing'

'I'm sure it is legitimate!': Benedict Cumberbatch quips Judge Rinder's marriage may not be legal as he officiated the Strictly star's wedding

Sherlock Is Premiering Its Fourth Season in January, Which Is Pretty Soon, Innit?

Sherlock fans will be ‘tested’ by series 4, as first trailer is released

Sherlock's series 4 air date has finally been revealed

Benedict Cumberbatch plays a secret second character in Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Diagnoses The Other Marvel Heroes In New Promo

Doctor Strange: When Benedict Cumberbatch went to Kathmandu

Benedict Cumberbatch webchat: your questions answered on kung fu, a wayward cloak and going shirtless | Film | The Guardian

Benedict Cumberbatch to Host SNL

Benedict Cumberbatch jokes Judge Rinder’s marriage may not be legal as he officiated Strictly star’s wedding

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Act Out The Most Famous 'Hamlet' Scene

Benedict Cumberbatch Wasn't Familiar With 'Doctor Strange'

Benedict Cumberbatch jokes about his sexiness on SNL

Benedict Cumberbatch Spoofs Apple's 1984 Commercial In 'SNL' Toilet Ad

Benedict Cumberbatch Hosts SNL: Watch Best and Worst Sketches

Benedict Cumberbatch Tries to Prove His Appeal, Introduces the "Cool Toilet" by Kohler on 'SNL'


‘Trainspotting 2’ International Trailer Is Packed with New Footage

Ewan McGregor Is Unrecognizable On The New Beauty And The Beast Poster

Ewan McGregor's long, bitter road to the Trainspotting sequel

Ewan McGregor interview: 'I don't live in a Hollywood bubble'

T2: Trainspotting 2 gets a new international trailer

Ewan McGregor on Fargo-y Dialect: 'It's the Hardest Accent I've Ever Done'

Ewan McGregor Will Play Two Characters on 'Fargo' Season 3!

Ewan McGregor among stars fighting Inverleith House closure

Why Ewan McGregor Was Worried About His Role In The Trainspotting Sequel

Trainspotting 2 trailer: New look at T2 revives Danny Boyle's cult hit

Ewan McGregor: ‘What if I'm not Scottish enough any more?’

Ewan McGregor had to re-record his Beauty And The Beast vocals because he sounded way too Mexican

‘T2: Trainspotting’ International Trailer Shows Off New Footage

Why Ewan McGregor Almost Passed On Star Wars

Beauty and the Beast's Ewan McGregor Had Trouble Perfecting Lumiere's Accent!

Trainspotting 2 world premiere sees Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie and Spud hit orange carpet

Ewan McGregor and Danny Boyle among stars on the ORANGE carpet for Trainspotting 2 premiere in Edinburgh

Ewan McGregor withdraws from Good Morning Britain appearance over Piers Morgan's Women's March comments

Ewan McGregor Cancels Appearance on Piers Morgan's U.K. TV Show After Women's March Comments

Ewan McGregor will Replace Charlie Hunnam in Romantic Drama Zoe

Ewan McGregor Cancels Piers Morgan Interview After Host's Women's March Comments

Ewan McGregor cancels TV interview in Women's March row with Piers Morgan

Ewan McGregor pulls out of Good Morning Britain over Piers Morgan's comments on Women's March

Ewan McGregor Cancels Appearance on Piers Morgan's Show Over Insensitive Women's March Remarks


Robert Carlyle: 'I took out two teeth and suddenly Begbie came back to life'

Robert Carlyle: Trainspotting 3 could be on the way

Robert Carlyle hints at third Trainspotting film as he says we haven't seen the end of Begbie

Robert Carlyle hints he could be getting his own Trainspotting spin-off film

Robert Carlyle hints at third Trainspotting film starring his character Francis Begbie

'Trainspotting 2' World Premiere: Original Team Reunites in Edinburgh

Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle lead stars at glamorous T2 Trainspotting premiere in Edinburgh 20 years on from the last film

T2 Trainspotting stars reunite at world premiere

T2 Trainspotting cast then and now: 21 years on, how much have they changed?


Charlie Cox Reveals Who Is In Danger Of Dying In The Netflix Marvel Universe

'Daredevil' Star Charlie Cox Is a Dad, Welcomes First Child With 'Jessica Jones' Producer Samantha Thomas

What Charlie Cox Thinks Of Sigourney Weaver’s Defenders Casting


Eddie Redmayne starred in a Children In Need sketch

Eddie Redmayne Heads Back to London After the Golden Globes

Eddie Redmayne joins commuters AGAIN as he takes a ride on the London Underground

'We can't find Pudsey!': Eddie Redmayne calls Britney, Simon Cowell and Jamie Dornan after the famous bear goes missing

Eddie Redmayne searches for Fantastic Beast Pudsey in celebrity strewn Children In Need sketch

How Eddie Redmayne Pulled Off That Hilarious Mating Dance In Fantastic Beast

Not even Eddie Redmayne and his Fantastic Beasts can get past airport security

Eddie Redmayne’s Briefcase of Beasts Shouldn’t Really Count As a Carry-on, But of Course He’s Still Going to Try

Eddie Redmayne Gets Super Embarrassed While Watching Himself Sing

Eddie Redmayne, James Corden Star in 'Fantastic Beasts of the TSA' on 'Late Late Show'

'Don't say I didn't warn you': Eddie Redmayne pokes fun at his Fantastic Beasts character in hilarious Late Late Show skit with James Corden

Eddie Redmayne's Magical Briefcase Meets the TSA on The Late Late Show

Eddie Redmayne Reacts to Video of His Prepubescent Self Singing the Same Way You Would: With Violent Horror

Working his magic! Eddie Redmayne looks dapper in quirky checked suit as he promotes Fantastic Beasts with his co-stars in China

Eddie Redmayne REVEALS how Fantastic Beasts’ sequel titles will work

How Eddie Redmayne Feels About Fantastic Beasts Covering 5 Movies

Eddie Redmayne has travelled all the way to Stoke-On-Trent for a nice cup of tea

Eddie Redmayne is all smiles as he collects ‘extraordinary’ OBE with wife Hannah Bagshawe

Why Eddie Redmayne Isn’t Worried That ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Expanded to Five Films

Eddie Redmayne reveals school pal Prince William had a tough time on the rugby field

Eddie Redmayne Receives OBE Honor From Queen Elizabeth: 'The Whole Experience Is Incredibly Humbling'

Fantastic Beasts actor Eddie Redmayne won't be the lead character in future films

Eddie Redmayne receives OBE from Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle

Eddie Redmayne’s Fantastic Beasts face airport security in hilarious James Corden video

Eddie Redmayne Honored With OBE from Queen Elizabeth!

Fantastic Beasts' star Eddie Redmayne reveals he had sleepless nights over his latest role

Eddie Redmayne cringes SO HARD when faced with footage of himself singing Memories, aged 10

Colin Farrell Says He Once Gave 'Fantastic Beasts' Co-Star Eddie Redmayne a Back Massage!

Eddie Redmayne Had Trouble Explaining His 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' Wand to Airport Customs

Eddie Redmayne Defends Hufflepuff, Despite Everyone Else On Earth Agreeing It's The Worst

Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston Reveal ''Catastrophic'' Fantastic Beasts Scene in Game of ''Who's Most Likely To?''

Eddie Redmayne calls for better treatment of Hufflepuffs in Fantastic Beasts PSA

Eddie Redmayne on Fantastic Beasts and Daniel Radcliffe

Eddie Redmayne puts Taylor Swift dating rumours to bed as he relives her Les Miserables audition

Eddie Redmayne Grills Andy Cohen on ‘Real Housewives,’ Talks Taylor Swift Dating Rumors

Eddie Redmayne Addresses Past Taylor Swift Romance Rumors!

Eddie Redmayne Loves Wearing Sweaters

Eddie Redmayne: I Never Dated Taylor Swift

Eddie Redmayne & Taylor Swift: Was Their Rumored Romance Real?

Eddie Redmayne has cleared up those Taylor Swift dating rumours

Eddie Redmayne reveals school pal Prince William had a tough time on the rugby field

Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne stars in Harry Potter spin-off, but becoming a dad to little Iris May left him spellbound

Eddie Redmayne ‘chuffed’ to be asked to star in Children in Need sketch

Eddie Redmayne performed this amazing magic trick on The Graham Norton Show

Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston Bring Fantastic Beasts to EW PopFest

Eddie Redmayne returns to his modelling roots for brooding magazine shoot... as he reveals fear of 'screwing up' new Harry Potter role

Eddie Redmayne and Katharine Waterston Were As Surprised to Learn There’d Be 5 Fantastic Beasts Movies As You Were

Eddie Redmayne to lead tributes to Professor Stephen Hawking at Pride of Britain awards

Eddie Redmayne originally auditioned to be young Voldemort

Wizards unite! Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne to share Graham Norton's sofa

Eddie Redmayne and J.K. Rowling attend Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them London premiere

Eddie Redmayne Says It's OK To Be A Hufflepuff In Moving PSA

Eddie Redmayne Auditioned (& Didn't Get) This Role in 'Harry Potter' Films!

Eddie Redmayne suffered ‘wizard elbow’ while filming Fantastic Beasts

Eddie Redmayne gets interrogated in this new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie Clip


Michael Fassbender Is an Outlaw, and Family Man, in ‘Trespass Against Us’

Watch Michael Fassbender Enter The Animus In Painful, Thrilling Assassin’s Creed Clip

Michael Fassbender on the challenge of turning popular game Assassin's Creed into a film's-creed/8063706

Why Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard jumped into a video game movie

Michael Fassbender reveals details on his other robot role in Alien: Covenant

Michael Fassbender On Potential 'Assassin's Creed' Sequels: 'We Do Have An Idea'

Michael Fassbender & Marion Cotillard Premiere 'Assassin's Creed' in New York!

Michael Fassbender & Marion Cotillard On Their Relationship: 'We Are Brother & Sister'!

Michael Fassbender & Marion Cotillard Aren't Worried About The Video Game Film Curse With 'Assassin's Creed'

The one thing Michael Fassbender demanded during Assassin’s Creed filming

Michael Fassbender teases Assassin’s Creed trilogy as fantasy movie debuts to glowing reviews

Michael Fassbender Was Considered for a 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Role

Michael Fassbender Was Too Busy for a Part in The Force Awakens

Michael Fassbender On Adapting ‘Assassin’s Creed’ to Film, Including Badass Women

Michael Fassbender Shreds Jimmy Fallon In Air Guitar Battle

Michael Fassbender Says 'Assassin's Creed' Set Was Like The U.N!

Michael Fassbender and Jimmy Fallon face off in Air Guitar battle

Michael Fassbender is taking ‘a long break from acting’ after Assassin’s Creed

Michael Fassbender is getting musical in creepy new image for Alien: Covenant

Michael Fassbender's Secret: Stop Overthinking

Michael Fassbender ‘placed under Gypsy curse’ for playing Traveller in new crime flick

Michael Fassbender Reveals How His Family Helps with Emotionally Charges Scenes

Michael Fassbender opens up about relationship with Alicia Vikander: ‘It just happened’

Michael Fassbender Opens Up on Alicia Vikander Romance: 'It's Good That it Happened'

Michael Fassbender: ‘I’m glad fame came to me at a later stage’


James McAvoy on Learning of 'Split' Twist, Prospect of Joining Another Franchise

James McAvoy Made Sure To Be 'Sensitive' About Playing Character With Identity Disorder In 'Split'!

James McAvoy opens up on playing character with personality disorder in Split

'They're like a pair of love-struck teenagers': James McAvoy 'embarks on romance with N Might Shyamalan's assistant Lisa Liberati'... months after split from wife Anne-Marie Duff

James McAvoy on the Challenge of Playing So Many Characters in ‘Split’

James McAvoy gets a dazzling actor's showcase in M. Night Shyamalan's return-to-form thriller 'Split'

James McAvoy Opens Up About Divorce with Anne-Marie Duff, Says His 'Life Has Changed Massively'

'My life has changed massively!': James McAvoy reveals impact of split from Anne-Marie Duff... as he admits to cutting down on whisky because it makes him 'fighty and leery'

James McAvoy reveals he broke his hand while shooting latest film Split but carried on like a trooper

James McAvoy on X-Men, Split and not playing 'posh English dudes' anymore

James McAvoy Addresses His Divorce From Anne-Marie Duff: ''My Life Has Changed Massively''

James McAvoy Opens Up About His Divorce From Anne-Marie Duff: 'Life Has Changed Massively’

James McAvoy charms and chills in the new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s Split

James McAvoy Stars in Chilling Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's 'Split'

James McAvoy Introduces a Few More Personalities in M. Night Shyamalan's 'Split' Trailer

James McAvoy cracks up in the latest poster for M. Night Shyamalan’s Split

James McAvoy Reveals 'Split' Role Was Originally Intended For Joaquin Phoenix!

James McAvoy begged Irvine Welsh to write him a part in T2 Trainspotting


Why Ralph Fiennes Doesn’t Want To Play Villains Anymore

Ralph Fiennes compares Donald Trump to King Lear

Ralph Fiennes: 'I try not to be, but I’m very controlling'

Ralph Fiennes, Billie Piper and Jesus Christ Superstar win at 2016 Evening Standard Awards

Ralph Fiennes Celebrates The English Patient's 20th Anniversary With Juliette Binoche & Kristin Scott Thomas!

Ralph Fiennes, Hugh Laurie Join Will Ferrell in Sony's 'Holmes and Watson'

Ralph Fiennes and Hugh Laurie join Will Ferrell's Holmes and Watson


Tom Hardy lost over three million dollars making his new show Taboo

Tom Hardy ‘loses £2million making BBC drama Taboo’

Tom Hardy returning to CBeebies on Valentines Day for bedtime story

Is Tom Hardy reading CBeebies Bedtime Stories? What book will he read and which other celebrities have taken part?

Tom Hardy will spend Valentine’s Day reading us another bedtime story on CBeebies

Tom Hardy lost $3m making his new show Taboo

Tom Hardy hangs out with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris

Tom Hardy Buddys Up With Mickey Mouse At Disneyland Paris 'Season Of The Force' Launch!

Tom Hardy is red hot favourite to be next James Bond and reveals why he'll never outgrow violence

Tom Hardy strips off as he reveals plans for new tattoo after losing bet with Leonardo DiCaprio

Tom Hardy and his dog’s new CBeebies show will make you wish you still read bedtime stories

When celebrities used Myspace: the profiles A-listers try to forget
Tom Hardy to read CBeebies bedtime story

No Rest for the Wicked

Tom Hardy Confirms ‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’ Is Still Happening

Tom Hardy reads bedtime story on CBeebies, sends Twitter into meltdown

Tom Hardy read a Bedtime Story on CBeebies and everyone wanted to know when he would be back for more

Tom Hardy Read Bedtime Stories on TV for New Year's Eve!

Tom Hardy Talks ‘Taboo': ‘One of the Most Tortured Characters I’ve Ever Played’

Tom Hardy joins hunt to find missing RAF man Corrie McKeague as search mission hits 13 week

Tom Hardy cuts a dapper figure at Taboo premiere in LA after admitting he wanted to go FULL-FRONTAL naked in the period drama

Tom Hardy says new thriller Taboo ‘will be like Marmite’

Tom Hardy gets naked and 15 other things you need to know about episode two of Taboo

Taboo star Tom Hardy thinks he’s got ‘dad flab and bow legs’

Dunkirk movie trailer – Harry Styles, Tom Hardy & Mark Rylance in Chris Nolan's WW2 epic

Tom Hardy fuels James Bond rumours and names choice of director for next movie

Tom Hardy claims playing modern film heroes is 'boring' because actors are expected to look like vegan health fanatics

Taboo sees Tom Hardy go full Tom Hardy in this delightfully dark fantasy drama

Tom Hardy Responds To Star Wars VIII Rumors

Tom Hardy’s Taboo could run for over three more series

Tom Hardy’s ‘Taboo’ Character Is Inspired by ‘Oliver Twist,’ ‘Heart of Darkness,’ Jack the Ripper

Tom Hardy Is at Home as Hero and Villain in ‘Taboo’ - The New York Times

Tom Hardy wanted to go completely full frontal for Taboo

Tom Hardy’s new Taboo is going to be a big hitter on the BBC

Tom Hardy: Taboo star responds to claims he has a cameo in Star Wars Episode VIII

Tom Hardy finally CONFIRMS those Star Wars 8 rumours

Tom Hardy wanted to ditch the loin cloth and strip naked for Taboo role

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk Trailer Is Gritty And Brilliant, Watch It Now

Watch the First Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s WWII Movie ‘Dunkirk’

Dunkirk trailer: Harry Styles, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy star in first look at explosive WWII film

Dunkirk trailer: Christopher Nolan's epic second world war film

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk: first full trailer released

'Dunkirk' Trailer: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles Go to War

‘Dunkirk': Over 20 Trailer Images Further Reveal Christopher Nolan’s Intense WWII Thriller

Christopher Nolan’s explosive Dunkirk trailer is out but where on Earth is Tom Hardy?

Tom Hardy and his dog to read CBeebies bedtime story

First look at Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Harry Styles in new Dunkirk trailer

Tom Hardy Lost a Bet, So He’s Getting a Crappy Leonardo DiCaprio Tattoo

Tom Hardy Says He’ll Get a Leonardo DiCaprio Tattoo After Losing a Bet

Tom Hardy wins dream acting role - after convincing his dad to create it for him

Tom Hardy ‘can’t possibly comment’ on James Bond for fear of jinxing 007 role

Tom Hardy fuels James Bond rumours

Tom Hardy reveals shadowy James Bond selection process as he throws hat in ring

Tom Hardy is now the bookies favourite to become the next James Bond

Tom Hardy says changing his physique for movies all the time has really taken its toll

Tom Hardy Doesn't Want to Talk James Bond Rumors For This Specific Reason!

Tom Hardy ‘can’t possibly comment’ on those James Bond rumours – but seems very keen

Next James Bond: Tom Hardy talks possibility of playing 007 in a Christopher Nolan-directed film

Tom Hardy overtakes James Norton as bookies’ new favourite to play James Bond

Tom Hardy, Aidan Turner front-runners as next James Bond

Tom Hardy's new series Taboo is brilliantly grim viewing for Saturday nights

Beefy Blinder: how Tom Hardy is on a mission to shake up Saturday nights

Tom Hardy is the anti-Poldark in first Taboo trailer

Tom Hardy counts the cost of transforming for roles: ‘I’ve probably damaged my body too much’

Tough guy Tom Hardy says villainous characters are inspired by what scared him as "small and skinny" kid

Tom Hardy Touches Down in NYC in Rare New Candid Photos!

Tom Hardy Goes Shirtless For 'Esquire UK', Talks Losing Oscar Bet to Leonardo DiCaprio!

Tom Hardy loses bet with Leonardo DiCaprio and has to get a ridiculous tattoo as penalty

Tom Hardy loses bet, has to get bad tattoo by Leonardo Dicaprio

Tom Hardy fuels James Bond rumours after refusing to comment on whether he would like to take over from Daniel Craig for fear of jinxing his chance

Tom Hardy and his dog to read CBeebies bedtime story

Tom Hardy has ‘damaged’ his body transforming for film roles

Tom Hardy Lost an Oscar Bet to Leonardo DiCaprio and Now He Has to Get a Hilarious Tattoo

'It sucks!' Ripped Tom Hardy flaunts his tattooed torso in shirtless shoot but admits he still hasn't got the ink Leonardo DiCaprio designed for him following failed bet

Tom Hardy’s ‘Taboo’ Series to Premiere in January on FX

Tom Hardy's Taboo Gets Series Premiere Date at FX

Tom Hardy set to play history’s most notorious gangster Al Capone in new movie Fonzo

Tom Hardy Teaming with ‘Fantastic Four’ Director Josh Trank for Al Capone Biopic

Tom Hardy to Star as Al Capone in Josh Trank's 'Fonzo'

Tom Hardy to play Al Capone in final days of gangster's life


Tom Hiddleston and Ben Wheatley to reunite for Frank Miller adaptation

Tom Hiddleston set to reunite with Ben Wheatley for big screen comic book adaptation

Tom Hiddleston Shares Sweet Moment from Trip to Sudan

Tom Hiddleston criticised for 'white saviour' Golden Globes speech

Tom Hiddleston apologises for ‘inelegantly expressed’ Golden Globes speech following criticism

Tom Hiddleston Catches His Flight to the Golden Globes

Tom Hiddleston turns reporter as Nicole Kidman gate crashes his Golden Globes interview

Tom Hiddleston apologises for 'inelegant' Golden Globes speech

Tom Hiddleston sorry for Golden Globes speech, says it 'just came out wrong'

Tom Hiddleston Squashes Sherlock Cameo Rumors

Tom Hiddleston sorry for ’inelegantly expressed’ speech

Tom Hiddleston Shows Off His Cool Style at Lunch

Tom Hiddleston apologises for ‘inelegant’ Golden Globes winner’s speech

Tom Hiddleston left hanging as Hugh Laurie blanks his handshake at Golden Globes

Tom Hiddleston pays tribute to ‘fighter’ Carrie Fisher at the Golden Globe Awards

Tom Hiddleston Jogs Past A Hilarious Poster Mocking His Breakup With Taylor Swift

Tom Hiddleston apologises for 'inelegant' Golden Globes acceptance speech

Tom Hiddleston Is Proud His Show The Night Manager Gave Hope to South Sudan

Tom Hiddleston Knows That His Globes Speech About The Night Manager and South Sudan Was ‘Inelegantly Expressed’

Tom Hiddleston Apologizes for Golden Globes Speech, Says It Was 'Inelegantly Expressed'

Christian Slater Looked Perplexed During Tom Hiddleston's Golden Globes Speech

Tom Hiddleston Supports Gemma Arterton as Leading Lady in 'Saint Joan'

Tom Hiddleston and Ben Wheatley reuniting for Hard Boiled adaptation

What Tom Hiddleston Will Be Doing In Kong: Skull Island

Tom Hiddleston Walking by This Taylor Swift Graffiti Art Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Tom Hiddleston Steps Out With Gorgeous Taylor Swift Look-Alike

Tom Hiddleston Spotted Out with Mystery Blonde After He & Taylor Swift Are Reportedly on 'Good Terms'

Tom Hiddleston Goes Full Gorilla to Promote Latest, Epic 'Kong: Skull Island' Trailer!

Kong: Skull Island trailer: Monsters run riot in new clip starring Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and John C. Reilly

Tom Hiddleston swaps suave tailoring for a gorilla suit as he gets pranked into dressing up as King Kong by Jimmy Kimmel

Kong Skull Island: Tom Hiddleston dresses as a gorilla to launch dramatic full-length trailer

Kong: Skull Island: trailer for Tom Hiddleston's epic ape adventure


Miranda’s Tom Ellis on mixing his religious upbringing with playing the Devil in Lucifer

‘Lucifer’ Grabs Full-Season Renewal From Fox

Lucifer Snags Full Season 2 Pickup


Poldark star Aidan Turner shares passionate kiss with mystery woman at Mayfair club

Poldark star Aidan Turner puts on steamy display with mystery brunette outside London club

Poldark star Aidan Turner's romance with talented artist linked to Robert Pattinson revealed

Poldark tin bath scene named best TV moment of 2016

Stars hit the red carpet for the National Television Awards (Aidan Turner)

Aidan Turner is so bored of James Bond questions that he’s now running away from them

James Bond speculation dodged by coy Aidan Turner: Is he the next 007?

Aidan Turner: 'You want me to get naked?'


Kit Harington & Much Taller Friend Step Out to Run Errands

Kit Harrington and Game Of Thrones co-stars spotted filming new series in Spain

Jon Snow & Theon Greyjoy Have A Heated Reunion In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Set Pic


Andrew Garfield on Martin Scorsese's 'Silence' Snub: "He Knows Who He Is and No One Can Take That Away From Him"

Andrew Garfield Talks Oscar Nom, Mel Gibson's Comeback and Which Celeb He'll Kiss During the Show

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to Meet Again at the Oscars -- Can They Please Finally Get Back Together?!

Andrew Garfield on Silence and ‘This Sick Man’ Donald Trump

Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver Practically Became Priests to Prepare for Martin Scorsese’s Silence

Andrew Garfield Reflects on “Compromised” ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Experience

Andrew Garfield Slams ‘Sick’ & ‘Toxic’ President-Elect Donald Trump: ‘It’s Shocking’

Andrew Garfield Defines His Religion as 'Mostly Confused'

Andrew Garfield on the Tremendous Challenges of Making Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’

Andrew Garfield Finally Discussed How Disappointed He Was by Amazing Spider-Man, and Now He Cannot Stop

Andrew Garfield recalls “heartbreaking” experience making The Amazing Spider-Man movies

Andrew Garfield, a Handsome Man, Was Not Handsome Enough to Play Prince Caspian in Narnia

Why Andrew Garfield Had To Drop A Ton Of Weight Before Filming Silence

Andrew Garfield Says Spider-Man Was His Favorite Superhero

Andrew Garfield Was 'Heartbroken' By His 'Spider-Man' Movies

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Back Together? His Sweet Confession That Has Fans Asking

Andrew Garfield Suffers Through Torture in New 'Silence' Trailer

Andrew Garfield Explains That Golden Globes Kiss With Ryan Reynolds

Andrew Garfield Explains That Kiss With Ryan Reynolds By Smooching Stephen Colbert

Andrew Garfield reveals why he decided to kiss Ryan Reynolds the Golden Globes

Andrew Garfield Still Has Love for Ex-Girlfriend Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield Admits He Still Loves Emma Stone

What Andrew Garfield Really Thought About The Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

Andrew Garfield Says Missed Opportunities With Spider-Man Were "Absolutely Devastating"

Andrew Garfield: ‘I never compromised who I was’

Andrew Garfield Had A Strange Request Before Filming One Major Silence Scene With Liam Neeson

Andrew Garfield Wins Best Actor in an Action Film for 'Hacksaw Ridge' at Critics' Choice Award!

Andrew Garfield Suffers in ‘Silence’ for this International Trailer

Why did Andrew Garfield kiss Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes and who won Best Actor?

Andrew Garfield's reaction to ex-girlfriend Emma Stone winning a Golden Globe is breaking hearts everywhere

Andrew Garfield suggests he was high at the Golden Globes while recounting his Disneyland 'trip'

Andrew Garfield Also Enjoys Getting High and Going to Disneyland

Andrew Garfield Can't Stop Laughing--and It's Totally Adorable!

Andrew Garfield Suits Up for the Premiere of 'Silence'

Ryan Reynolds Gave Andrew Garfield A Passionate Kiss When Ryan Gosling Won The Golden Globe

Andrew Garfield Ate Pot Brownies And Had A Heavenly Disneyland Experience

Andrew Garfield Played Santa for His 'Under the Silver Lake' Co-Stars

Andrew Garfield Finally Discussed How Disappointed He Was by Amazing Spider-Man, and Now He Cannot Stop

Andrew Garfield suggests he was high at the Golden Globes while recounting his Disneyland 'trip'

Andrew Garfield Parties With Riley Keough After Cheering For Ex Emma Stone At Globes

Andrew Garfield, Spiritual Ghost in the Hollywood Machine - The New York Times

Andrew Garfield Talks Kissing Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes, Then Kisses Stephen Colbert

Andrew Garfield Was a Little ‘Heartbroken’ After Playing Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield Cleans Up Nicely For Golden Globes 2017

Andrew Garfield Admits He Was High During Disneyland Birthday Trip With Emma Stone!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone rode Disneyland’s Space Mountain while stoned on brownies

Ryan Reynolds consoles himself with Andrew Garfield kiss after losing Golden Globe to Ryan Gosling

Andrew Garfield Gives Emma Stone A Standing Ovation For Globes Win — See Sweet Pic

Andrew Garfield Admits ‘Silence’ Is a Showcase for Gorgeous Men’s Hair

Andrew Garfield says there is ‘so much love’ between him and Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds Share a Kiss at Golden Globes

Ryan Reynolds Lays a Big Kiss on Andrew Garfield After Losing Golden Globe to Ryan Gosling

Andrew Garfield Felt He Was Meant To Do 'Silence' For His 'Spiritual Development'

Andrew Garfield Promotes 'Hacksaw Ridge' Before Seeing Kanye West Live At The Forum!

The Reason Andrew Garfield Is Happy The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Didn’t Happen

Andrew Garfield Craved Smaller Roles After 'Spider-Man'


Watch Simon Pegg geek out about ‘Star Trek’ with an astronaut in space

STAR TREK BEYOND Bloopers Gag Reel (2016) Chris Pine, Simon Pegg HD


Hugh Laurie mocks Donald Trump in Golden Globes speech as he dedicates win to ‘psychopathic billionaires’

Hugh Laurie Beats Sterling K. Brown at Golden Globes, Roasts Donald Trump During Acceptance Speech

That Time Hugh Laurie Totally Denied Tom Hiddleston at the 2017 Golden Globes

Hugh Laurie slams Donald Trump at 2017 Golden Globes as he thanks "psychopathic billionaires everywhere" for his win

Hugh Laurie throws serious shade at Donald Trump as he accepts Night Manager Golden Globe

Hugh Laurie Pokes Fun at Republican Party in Globes Acceptance Speech

Hugh Laurie Wins Golden Globe For Supporting Actor In A Series Beating Out John Travolta

Hugh Laurie Cracks This Was the Last Ceremony in Golden Globes Speech

Hugh Laurie bought Globes tuxedo from eBay

Hugh Laurie awarded star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame with best mate Stephen Fry at his side

Hugh Laurie honoured with Hollywood Walk of Fame star

'The kindest and wisest friend I ever knew': Stephen Fry pays tribute to best pal Hugh Laurie as he's awarded star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame, having conquered America

Hugh Laurie acts the goat on Hollywood's Walk of Fame

Hugh Laurie is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hugh Laurie Feels ‘Imposter Syndrome’ Over Hollywood Walk of Fame Honor

Hugh Laurie gets walked all over as he gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hugh Laurie flashes Union Jack socks as Stephen Fry pays touching tribute to 'kindest and wisest' friend at Walk of Fame unveiling

Hugh Laurie gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Dan Stevens: 5 Things To Know About The Stud Playing The Beast In ‘Beauty & The Beast’

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens fall in love in new Beauty and the Beast trailer


Timothy Spall shows off incredible weight loss as he puts on dapper display in suave suit

Timothy Spall on playing Holocaust denier David Irving

Timothy Spall keeps history alive once again as a Holocaust denier in ‘Denial’

Actor Timothy Spall is barely recognisable as he steps out in Hollywood


Mark Rylance 'snubs' RSC in BP sponsorship row

Mark Rylance: ‘I won’t work for the RSC while it deals with BP’


Nicholas Hoult Brings New Mustache To Sundance Film Festival 2017!

Nicholas Hoult has a hipster moustache now and we need to talk about it


The Pass' Russell Tovey: I was never tortured about being gay - but in football it's a different story

Russell Tovey, Arinze Kene and Nico Mirallegro star in an exclusive clip from The Pass

Russell Tovey: ‘Being gay made my career'


Matt Smith & Claire Foy Celebrate Netflix's 'The Crown' in NYC

Matt Smith had a terrifying near-death experience while filming The Crown

The Crown star Matt Smith reveals he grew fond of Prince Philip while filming hit Netflix series

Matt Smith reveals he was threatened with a gun and a “Crocodile Dundee” knife while filming The Crown in Cape Town

Matt Smith was held at gunpoint while filming Netflix’s The Crown

Matt Smith reveals he was threatened at gunpoint in South Africa while filming The Crown

The Crown star Matt Smith threatened by man with a GUN while in South Africa


Idris Elba: I'm Not Sleeping With Madonna, "Motherf--kers!"

Even Idris Elba can't elevate the routine action-thriller
The Take

Idris Elba takes on heavy weight role

Idris Elba and Gemma Arterton’s '100 Streets' bombs, makes $300 opening weekend

Idris Elba sends Twitter into meltdown as he promises a 'night to remember' for Valentine's Day date

Idris Elba is looking for a date for Valentine’s Day and it could be you

Idris Elba launches Valentine's Day competition for one lucky lady to 'pound his yams'

Actor Idris Elba Runs a Production Company, Clothing Line and Record Label. How He Gets It All Done

Not even Idris Elba can elevate the pedestrian ensemble drama '100 Streets'

Idris Elba & Kate Winslet Start Filming 'The Mountain Between Us' in Vancouver!


What goes on in the wings: actors' backstage secrets (Dominic Cooper)

Dominic Cooper suffers a mishap at the BAFTA nominations announcement as he realises his trousers are undone during red carpet walk with Sophie Turner


Matthew Goode to play Lord Snowdon in Netflix period drama The Crown

Matthew Goode joins The Crown as Princess Margaret’s husband Lord Snowdon

Matthew Goode's Roadside Picnic Pilot Won't Move Forward at WGN America

Toni Collette, Matthew Goode to Star in Comedy ‘Birthmarked’

Downton Abbey’s Matthew Goode to Continue Making Aristocratic Ladies Swoon by Joining The Crown


David Oyelowo interview: 'Working with female directors has made me a better actor'

David Oyelowo: 'There's resistance to films with black protagonists' – video interview


Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo in Othello: The Moor Goes Down

Daniel Craig is almost unrecognisable wrapping up in a chunky coat and hat after ‘stalemate’ with film producers

Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo 'dazzle' in Othello

Daniel Craig Gets Caught in the New York City Snow Storm


Jamie Dornan hints he is desperate to be the next James Bond after wowing in Fifty Shades Of Grey

Jamie Dornan Supports Wife Amelia Warner at 'Mum's List' Premiere

Jamie Dornan complains 50 Shades haters haven’t given it a chance

Jamie Dornan: 'I couldn't even hang out with someone like Christian Grey'


Luke Evans Suits Up To Support Eva Longoria at London's Global Gift Gala!

Luke Evans Looks So Sexy for 'Essential Homme' Photo Shoot!

Luke Evans, Daniel Brühl to Lead TNT’s ‘The Alienist’

Luke Evans Helps Spread The Power Of Stories At Save The Children UK Winter Gala 2016!


James Corden to Host 2017 Grammys

Anna Kendrick, James Corden and Billy Eichner Sing Through the Soundtrack of Life

James Corden announced as 2017 Grammy Awards host

James Corden Stages A Mini-Musical With Anna Kendrick And Billy Eichner About Life

James Corden to Host Grammy Awards

James Corden's Crazy Medley with Anna Kendrick Proves Why He's the Perfect Choice to Host the Grammys

James Corden ‘honoured’ to be hosting the 2017 Grammy Awards

James Corden Shoots Fruits and Vegetables at Jessica Alba and More Stars


David Tennant among nominees for radio drama awards

David Tennant is the new Scrooge McDuck! 5 of his best voice roles

David Tennant's film about RD Laing to close Glasgow Film Festival

David Tennant's RD Laing biopic Mad to Be Normal to close Glasgow film festival

Andrew Scott and David Tennant to open and close Glasgow Film Festival

David Tennant RD Laing biopic to close Glasgow film festival

David Tennant's R.D. Laing Biopic 'Mad to Be Normal' to Close Glasgow Film Festival

David Tennant narrates heart-melting footage of a chimp adopting a tiny kitten

David Tennant will hit red carpet to close Glasgow Film Festival with movie about Scottish psychiatrist

Watch David Tennant and the new 'DuckTales' cast sing the theme song

David Tennant is leading the DuckTales cast and the news was broken in the most adorable way

David Tennant narrates heart-melting footage of a chimp adopting a tiny kitten

David Tennant Is Going To Voice Scrooge McDuck In 'DuckTales' Reboot

David Tennant 'saves 2016' as he joins ‘killer cast’ for Duck Tales reboot

Disney have confirmed David Tennant for the rebooted DuckTales and everyone is losing their minds


Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi return for final swansong in ITV’s Vicious Christmas special

Ian McKellen: ‘Touring is not just important, it’s rewarding and energising’

McKellen-Stewart double act signs off with live screening

Sir Ian McKellen's great-great-grandfather helped invent the weekend

Sir Ian McKellen goes back to his roots: ‘I was surprised to learn I wasn’t the first actor in the family!’

Sir Ian McKellen’s Captain Picard facepalm sign at the Women’s March is incredible

Sir Ian McKellen says he is ‘too selfish’ to be a father after appearing on Who Do You Think You Are?

Sir Ian McKellen 'too selfish' to consider fatherhood and glad it never happened

Ian McKellen's Women's March Sign Said More Than Words Ever Could

Ian McKellen's Women's March Sign Featured Patrick Stewart as Star Trek’s Captain Picard’s-captain-picard/


The Good Wife's Alan Cumming Will Stick With CBS For Next TV Project

Alan Cumming-James Patterson Drama Among CBS Pilot Pickups


Sherlock creator: Andrew Scott's Moriarty audition was so good we re-wrote the episode for him

Sherlock spoilers: Andrew Scott convinces fans Moriarty is ALIVE after appearing at finale screening


Robson Green on his most extreme fishing show yet

Robson Green 'millimetres' from being EATEN ALIVE by shark on deadly fishing trip


Sir Roger Moore would make a cameo appearance in a Bond film to "expand the family coffers"

Roger Moore interview: 'I was never very confident with girls'

James Bond: Roger Moore FINALLY reveals his favourite 007 actors

Sir Roger Moore is totally up for a Bond appearance — and he is in awe of Daniel Craig too

Roger Moore says Lawrence of Arabia with Peter O'Toole DEPRESSED him


Victoria's Rufus Sewell enjoys being objectified

Rufus Sewell shines in finely shaded character study

Rufus Sewell interview: 'My character is not a monster - he’s a human'


Peter Capaldi admits he often ‘feels a bit silly’ on Doctor Who

'Doctor Who' Does New York In This Year's Christmas Special

Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailer: It's Superheroes vs. Aliens in NYC

Doctor Who Christmas special trailer lands: First action packed clip from The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Doctor Who: The Doctor and Nardole Are Still Your Faves in New Christmas Special Trailer

Peter Capaldi hails Doctor Who co-star Matt Lucas as 'one of the most talented comedy stars'

Peter Capaldi on Fame, ‘Veep,’ and a Superhero on ‘Doctor Who’

Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who: 'It’s a little bit scary, a little bit nostalgic and a little bit festive'

Peter Capaldi: "I hope Theresa May takes Doctor Who's message of kindness, tolerance and compassion to heart"

Peter Capaldi wants Theresa May to listen to Dr Who’s message of ‘tolerance and compassion’

Peter Capaldi reveals when he’ll give up playing Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi is "trying to avoid" making a decision about his Doctor Who future

Doctor Who’s Christmas special gets a new motion poster and we’re super psyched


Dev Patel: I struggled to find "substantial" roles after Slumdog Millionaire

Dev Patel Is Only The Third Indian Actor Ever To Receive An Oscar Nod

Dev Patel on Oscar nomination: 'I need a good cry in the shower'

Dev Patel and Naomie Harris lead the British Oscar nominations with Best Supporting Role nods at the 89th annual Academy Awards

Dev Patel on Regretting 'Last Airbender': I "Saw a Stranger on the Screen"

Dev Patel Begins His Campaign to Be Named 2017's Sexiest Man Alive

Why Dev Patel was desperate to be cast in Lion

Dev Patel on 'Lion': To "Just Be an Every-Man, a Modern 20-Something-Year-Old Guy Meant a Lot"

Lion star Dev Patel believes it's time an Indian won an Oscar

Dev Patel: ‘I’m just this guy from Rayners Lane – how the hell did this happen?’

Dev Patel: ‘The first time I saw my father cry was during Titanic’


Hugh Grant Says He Was ‘A Nasty 50-Year-Old’ Before He Had Kids

Hugh Grant brings the charm — and the energy — to 'Florence Foster Jenkins'

Hugh Grant on ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’, ‘Cloud Atlas’, the ‘Paddington’ Sequel and Wanting to Direct

Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell on Function of Acting: We’re Here to Entertain, Not for Awards


Taron Egerton: 'I’d like to play 007 – but I’d be a very boyish Bond'

Taron Egerton interview: On Sing, Kingsman 2, and wanting to do a musical

Taron Egerton Says ‘Robin Hood: Origins’ Is “an Anti-Establishment War Movie”; Teases ‘Kingsman 2’


'Rogue One': Peter Cushing's Views on Life, Death and the Beyond Are Worth Revisiting

Peter Cushing is dead. Rogue One’s resurrection is a digital indignity


Laurence Fox appears to confirm split with Vogue Williams: 'We're just great friends'

Laurence Fox confirms 'split' with Vogue Williams

Laurence Fox narrates magical new festive story Elmo’s Christmas Tail, passing on powerful and enchanting message


Outlander's Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Attend 'Trainspotting 2' Premiere In Scotland

Sam Heughan will get his awards show love, ‘Outlander’ fans

Outlander, Big Bang Theory, Bates Motel Win Big at People's Choice Awards


Tim Pigott-Smith to star in Death of a Salesman as part of new Royal and Derngate season

Tim Pigott-Smith and Charlotte Riley to star in BBC2’s King Charles III adaptation


Tim Roth: ‘If you neglect the working class for so long, they will rebel against you’

Actor Tim Roth reveals his grandfather abused both him AND his father as children


Aaron Taylor-Johnson Wins Best Supporting Actor at Golden Globes 2017

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Had an "Out-of-Body" Experience Playing Texas Bad-Ass in 'Nocturnal Animals'


Henry Cavill Holds Massive Christmas Tree in His Hand!

Henry Cavill in a Santa Hat is an Amazing Christmas Gift to All

Henry Cavill & Dwyane Johnson Tease a Superman/Black Adam Movie on Christmas


Riz Ahmed: ‘We have to be vocal. We’re living in scary times’

Riz Ahmed and Billie Piper star in trailer for private detective drama City of Tiny Lights

Riz Ahmed Got Searched at Airport While on Cover of Inflight Magazine

Riz Ahmed Did the Impossible: Rhymed Something With ‘Calrissian’


Shirtless Charlie Hunnam Heats Up the ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ Trailer

Charlie Hunnam stands proud in the first poster for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Charlie Hunnam, Lea Seydoux Team for Drake Doremus-Directed Romance 'Zoe'

Charlie Hunnam’s ‘King Arthur’ Pushed Back Two Months

Charlie Hunnam's 'Lost City of Z' Gets a Teaser Trailer

Charlie Hunnam Didn't Contact Girlfriend Morgana McNelis for Months Filming 'Lost City of Z'

Charlie Hunnam Admits There’s A Chance He’ll Make A Cameo On ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spinoff

Charlie Hunnam Goes for Morning Hike at Runyon Canyon!


Damian Lewis Is in Talks to Play the Villain in Ocean’s Eight

Damian Lewis Will Play the Villain in 'Ocean's Eight'

Damian Lewis in Talks to Play Villain Opposite Sandra Bullock in ‘Ocean’s Eight’


Patrick Stewart Is Taking On His Crappiest Role Yet

Sir Patrick Stewart: Poo emoji role for Shakespearean actor


Jeremy Irons Talks ‘Justice League,’ Oscar Bait Role in ‘Man Who Knew Infinity’

Jeremy Irons, Matthias Schoenaerts Join Jennifer Lawrence’s Spy Thriller ‘Red Sparrow’

Jeremy Irons Calls Brexit and Trump Votes ‘A Cry for Help’


John Barrowman poses with a Tardis as he teases mysterious "meetings at the BBC"

John Barrowman suffers spectacular fall dressed in bubble wrap on Loose Women

John Barrowman tries not to fall over again on Loose Women. Falls over again

Barrowman down (again)! Actor John takes another spectacular tumble on Loose Women as he arrives on chat show encased in bubble wrap


Michael Sheen sets the record straight on reports he will quit acting for political activism

Michael Sheen Clarifies He Is Not Quitting Acting to Focus on Political Activism

Michael Sheen Clarifies That He Does Not Plan to Leave Hollywood

Actor Michael Sheen to focus more on political activism


James Norton is typically handsome as he's spotted filming ITV's Grantchester

James Norton gets a massive back tattoo to celebrate the end of Grantchester series 3...

James Norton on Christmas in Grantchester: "There are bad jumpers, snow and an impending birth..."


Downton’s Hugh Bonneville and The Fall’s Gillian Anderson to star in Viceroy’s House

Did you catch Hugh Bonneville's naughty impression of his Downton Abbey co-star?


Mark Gatiss: These are ‘hopefully the best three Sherlocks we’ve done’

Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss blasts those who criticise show for being too complicated

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss tease “absolutely crazy” Sherlock series finale

Sherlock's Mark Gatiss responds to series four criticism…with a poem

Is Sherlock worse for too much action? Gatiss sends his verse reaction


‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Delayed Again, Casts James Frain

'Star Trek: Discovery' Casts Spock’s Father, Premiere Date in Flux

Star Trek: Discovery Just Cast Spock's Father, And He's Perfect

New 'Star Trek' delayed again? Either way, James Frain joins

Star Trek: Discovery Casts Spock’s Father, Pushes Back Its Release Once Again

Star Trek: Discovery is delayed again as it casts Spock’s father

Star Trek: Discovery Casts Spock's Father, Pushes Premiere Date

Star Trek: Discovery casts Spock’s dad amid further delays


George Gently to come to a ‘natural end’ with two final episodes

Inspector George Gently to end after eight series


30 years of Morse – how John Thaw's legacy lives on in Endeavour

Sheila Hancock: ‘My John was nothing like Morse; he was more like Regan from The Sweeney’


Game Of Thrones and Porridge star Peter Vaughan dies aged 93

‘Game of Thrones’ actor Peter Vaughan dies aged 93

Peter Vaughan, venerated character actor of British stage, TV and film, dies at 93


Joseph Fiennes: Fans Freak Over Pics Of Him Playing Michael Jackson In New Show

Joseph Fiennes' Michael Jackson TV show cancelled after family criticism

Joseph Fiennes is unrecognisable as he stars as Michael Jackson in Sky Arts’ controversial new comedy series Urban Myths

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