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Apologies for the late running news round up again, I went down like a sack of something with swine flu. Anyhoo, to recap, James McAvoy is now the world's sexist Scotsman, more promo pictures of Paul Bettany in Priest pop up, the trailer for 'The Men Who Stare At Goats Trailer' is out, Richard Armitage and Andrew Lincoln are in Sky1's Strike Back, Jason Statham and Aidan Gillen are filming Blitz, Andrew Buchan talks about 'The Fixer', Stephen Fry talks of his moob shame, Daniel Craig signs for Dream House and David Tennant gives an exit interview to Boing Boing. Thanks as always to the tireless trawling of [personal profile] sleeper_frost.
more: James McAvoy voted hottest Scotsman, Richard Armitage for Sky1's 'Strike Back', Tennant hopes to improve domestic skills, British star Clive Owen to appear at Mill Valley Film Festival in special tribute, Daniel Craig to Star in Morgan Creek Productions' 'Dream House', Jude Law gets attached to skull, Wire's Dominic West turns to radio, Irish actor Michael Fassbender brushes up on his German for 'Inglourious Basterds', Gorillas helped Fry slim, Andrew Buchan on The Fixer, Alfie Allen joins 'Powder' cast, Hugh Dancy Talks Adam, Marc Warren's Little Voice diary, Jason Statham films Blitz in London, Aidan Gillen in London ‘Blitz’, This Life's Andrew Lincoln to star in Sky1 adaptation of Strike Back, Sean Connery accent voted film worst of all time, Brian Cox plays Humbert Humbert in Lolita, Cumming Unleashed in Horne showcase, Gerard Butler admits he's losing his accent, First Images of Cam Gigandet and Paul Bettany in PRIEST, Christian Bale's dramatic weight loss fuels talk on set of 'The Fighter', Eddie Izzard To Star In Christmas Family Film, Flemyng wants Carter, Sienna Miller snapped out with Jonny Lee Miller, Former 007 Dalton to appear in Doctor Who, Simon Pegg to Star In John Landis' Burke & Hare, Stephen Moyer of 'True Blood' Gets a 'Priest' Role, Colin Farrell 'freaked out by female fan', Ian McKellen Knows Who Will Play Bilbo )


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